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~ Websites by Individuals and Churches ~

~ Proviso ~

These links are provided for access to audio, articles and video study materials by various individuals and local churches. As always, we must compare what is taught to the Scriptures (Acts 17:11; 2 Tim. 2:15) to see whether the things being taught match the truths revealed in God's Word. We cannot give "blanket endorsement" to all the teaching that is found at the list below. If you have questions about things you are studying, please feel free to email and ask questions for our consideration. Thanks! mjw


~ Websites by Individuals ~

The Religious Instructor -  Began in 1998 as a monthly "webzine" with articles by various writers and myself (circa 1998-2003), but also expanded to host written religious discussions, longer articles on topics wherein people disagree, links to other sites hosting articles, written and oral debates, sermon outlines, special studies, etc. - Site managed by Mark J Ward

Bible Debates - Oral debates, written debates, charts, articles, sermons, etc. by Patrick T. Donahue

Seeking Things Above - Articles, short audio lessons, audio sermons, etc. by Various Brethren - Site Managed by Mike Johnson

Bible Crossfire -  Bible Question & Answer Radio Program site with content from previous programs hosted by Patrick T. Donahue

Ed's Sermons & Things - Blog, Sermons, The Reflector bulletin, Articles, etc by Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.

TeachingGoodThings: kalodidaskalos - by Steve Klein

Biblical Studies - by Ferrell Jenkins

Bible Answers - Q & A by Joe R. Price


~ Websites by Churches ~

Walnut Street church of Christ in Jesup, GA

East Albertville church of Christ in Albertville, AL

Oak Mountain church of Christ in Pelham, AL

Eastside church of Christ in Athens, AL

Pepper Road church of Christ in Athens, AL

The church of Christ in Wise, VA

Jackson Drive church of Christ in Athens, AL

Westview church of Christ in Hartselle, AL

El Bethel church of Christ in Shelbyville, TN

Exton church of Christ in Exton, PA

Gettysburg church of Christ in Gettysburg, PA

Capital City Christians a church belonging to Christ in Harrisburg, PA

Garden City church of Christ in Garden City, GA

Embry Hills church of Christ in Atlanta, GA

West Cartersville church of Christ in Cartersville, GA

North Bibb church of Christ in Woodstock, AL

University church of Christ in Auburn, AL

Mt. Baker church of Christ in Bellingham, WA